Paige and Cody Barnes - Atlanta Wedding Photographer- Koury Farms

Paige and Cody came together with their closest friends and family on September 13th 2019 and said their “I Do’s.” It was a beautiful day for a wedding, with a full moon and Friday the 13th, it couldn’t have been done any better! Their love and passion for each other is clear, and it shows in their photos! Their wedding was held at a beautiful new venue called Koury Farms in Auburn Georgia. They catered in from Rico’s World Kitchen located in Buford Georgia, a family favorite of theirs!

Its not a cool wedding unless it's a Cooley wedding!

First off, I’ve been slacking and a little behind with posting our weddings and sessions to our blog. We are going to try and keep up with it the best we can in our busy time!

We wanted to share with you our recent destination wedding in Destin, Florida. The venue was at the Destin Bay House, and it was beautiful. Jeremy and Tara made a great decision on choosing their venue. Vacation and wedding all in the same place! Plus the weather was perfect. We are so thankful that Jeremy and Tara chose us to photograph their wedding and we are excited to share just a few photos from their special day! Jeremy and Tara will be receiving a lot more images to choose from and to share with their friends and family.

Carey - Atlanta Wedding Photographer -Beautiful Vineyard Wedding in the Carolina Mountains

Reis, Tabitha, and their closest friends and family joined together for a beautiful ceremony and ceremony in the Carolina mountains. 

Head shots

Any time is a good time for head shots! 

Hey there! Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Hey it might be a good idea to have my head shots done!" There is no better than the present! You can have head shots for anything. You can use them for your Linked In profile, facebook profile, for your girlfriend, your husband, your mom, or you never know... maybe a dating site. 

Currently we are offering our head shots sessions at a discounted price when you book and you get a friend to book too! You both get the discount, how cool is that!? Our head shot sessions lasts up to 30 minutes in studio or on location and you receive five edited hi-res images ready for download in your personal gallery. Head shot sessions are valued at $150, however with the friend discount sessions are just $75. 

Don't hesitate, book your session today! Don't forget to name drop your friend too! 


Christine & Daryll - Atlanta Wedding Photographer - The Atrium - Norcross, GA

April 16, 2016 was the day everything changed forever for Christine and Daryll. They waited a long time for this day to come, and we are thrilled that they didn't have to wait one day longer! Daryll and Christine are long time friends of ours and we were absolutely honored to be able to be there for their special day and capture every second of it! We wish you 100 more years together!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2218.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2199.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2200.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2201.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2204.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2202.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2203.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2205.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2206.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2207.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2208.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2215.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2213.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2211.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2212.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2217.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2214.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2216.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2222.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2209.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2210.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2221.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2227.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2228.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2229.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2230.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2232.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2231.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2219.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2223.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2224.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2220.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2225.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2233.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2234.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2240.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2235.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2239.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2238.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2237.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2236.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2226.jpg

Jaime & Kevin - Atlanta Wedding Photographer-Atlanta Photobooth Rentals

This is a blog about Jaime and Kevin, we love Jaime and Kevin. So much personality in one wedding, a rainy wedding at that! We totally rocked the weather though! Congratulations you two. It was a huge honor being able to take part of this special day for the two of you! We have so many pictures, however we can only share so much in one blog! Enjoy and we wish you many happy years! Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2110.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2111.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2112.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2113.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2114.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2115.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2116.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2117.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2118.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2119.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2120.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2121.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2122.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2123.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2124.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2125.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2126.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2127.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2128.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2129.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2130.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2131.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2132.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2133.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2134.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2135.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2136.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2137.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2138.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2139.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2140.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2159.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2160.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2141.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2142.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2143.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2144.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2145.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2146.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2147.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2148.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2149.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2150.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2151.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2152.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2154.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2155.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2156.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2157.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2158.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2165.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2166.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2167.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2168.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2164.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2169.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2161.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2162.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2163.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2170.jpg

Special thanks to all the vendors who help make this wedding complete:

Floral - The Holly Gardens DJ - Simon with Sifi Entertainment Cake - Mary Virginia Gage Videographer - Earl Warren Venue- The Corry House Photo Booth - Stevi Clack Photography

Special thanks to second shooter Shawn Robertson

Fall Sales! Atlanta Photo Booths - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

It's September 1st, which means it is officially pumpkin spice season! What is a more perfect day to announce great sales than a day like today!? I couldn't have thought of a better day myself. We have a couple different things going on, and we would like share them with you! First we want to announce our Photo Booth Referral Program now that we have the new Open-Air Photo Booth up and running!

PB referral


Next would would like to announce that we will be giving away a FREE photo booth service to one lucky bride who books their 2016 wedding with us by November 1st 2015! How awesome would that be to have at your wedding? Awesome!

free PB wedding


Lastly, we have a wedding booking special, yes on top of a chance to win a free photo booth service!  Book by December 1st and receive $300 off your chosen wedding package!

wedding sale


If you are looking for more information on booking your wedding we strongly suggest scheduling an in studio consultation. Call us to set up a date that works best for you! Also, contact us today for any added information on this blog full of awesome!

Caleb & Natalie - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Caleb and Natalie tied the knot August 1st! It was a blast doing their engagement photos, and an even more of a blast to be there to take their wedding photos. You think it is really simple to go and take pictures of someone's wedding, yes. However, going and taking pictures of someone's wedding and capturing who they really are is not as simple. You have to really get to know the couple. We first met during our engagement session and it really opened everything up. Caleb and Natalie grew comfortable with me, and I also grew to know who they are! I truely believe it helps make their wedding day coming in and knowing who the love birds are... take a look it really shows. Caleb and Natalie are a beautiful couple. They are full of love. If I could describe them in one word it would have to be, "colorful." Everything about them just simple glows! Congratulations you two! Thank you for having me!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2109.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2082.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2083.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2089.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2085.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2084.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2086.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2087.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2108.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2088.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2072.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2073.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2074.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2075.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2076.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2077.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2078.jpg

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer_2080.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2079.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2081.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2091.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2098.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2097.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2092.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2099.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2093.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2096.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2107.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2100.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2101.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2102.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2105.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2094.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2095.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2106.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2104.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_2103.jpg

Stevi Clack Photography - Atlanta Photo Booth Rental Is Here!

We have very exciting news! Beginning August, all weddings, parties & events just got a whole lot more fun! We are introducing our new and improved photo booth!  Unlike the traditional photo booth, our photo booth is an open-air photo booth. It’s fresh spin of the old school classic, no more squeezing two people into a small box. Get creative, 30 people could fit into one shot! A great way to get a fabulous picture of everyone at your event. Our photo booth is an interactive, modern photo booth rental. We like to refer to it as an ultra-portable & affordable photo studio. Professional studio lighting makes everyone look good and a top-of-the-line DSLR camera captures every moment along the way. The authentic 2x6 prints come standard with every rental ensuring you and your guests will not only have fun but have a tangible memory to take home. 

Our photo booths pledge: To encourage a hot mess of fun and spontaneity!

  • Great for space conscience spaces
  • Fun & Friendly for all ages
  • Props are always included
  • Awesome for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, prom, corporate events, private parties & more.
  •  2x6 photo strips (customized for your event) 

Other Photo Booth Service also available:

  • Video Booth- Choose to do both photos an videos for your event.  We will provide a mic!
  • Green Screen
  • Small Party Pricing 

Here is a preview what what you will see before all the magic happens: 

Image478 2Our open-air photo booth is operated by you! It's touch screen and super easy to use.  Our booth can operate in a space as small as 5x5 and as large as 20x20! The larger the space the more people can fit into your pictures! It's your choice on background. We can bring one of many we have, or make use of a pretty wall backdrop at your venue! We also welcome DIY backdrops you make! We can even set up our booth out doors, weather permitting of course. Our booth does run on a power supply, so will will need access to an outlet to operate. With our booth being super portable the set up and break down is a breeze. It doesn't even take 10 minutes before the booth is operational!  Photos print as a 4x6 or two 2x6 strips. The cool part is that the strips are actually stickers and ready to be placed in a scrapbook that comes with your booked event! Other prints options are also available for other events such as corporate or promotional. We can print our photos as a full 4x6 with logos or other graphics you would like us to use! Our photo booth is guaranteed to get your party started! 

Contact us today to reserve our photo booth for your event. We look forward to getting your party started! 

Jenny & TJ - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Jenny and TJ are two very hardworking people who love each other very much. They have so much love that they couldn't think of anything better they would like to do than share their special day with their loved ones and the local community. They got married in front of hundreds of people with a big bang, literally, it was Fourth of July! Everything was a DIY for their wedding. Everyone who took part of their wedding, they were close to! Even me!! Jenny and I went to classmates in college! It is always a pleasure to be apart of a friends wedding day. We are so happy to see Jenny and TJ finally hitched! They have been together for 7 years, and finally tied the knot. Their wedding was perfect. Simple and elegant all at the same time. I wish Jenny and TJ many happy year together! Thanks for having us, we loved being apart of your wedding.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0129.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0130.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0134.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0131.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0132.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0133.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0135.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0136.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0137.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0138.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0139.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0140.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0141.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0142.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0154.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0143.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0144.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0155.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0145.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0146.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0147.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0156.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0157.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0158.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0153.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0152.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0151.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0150.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0149.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0148.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0159.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0160.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0161.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0162.jpg