Love at Gwinnett County Fair - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

We had to take advantage of the fair while it was in town! We did two sessions in two nights! One was of a lovely couple who will be getting married next fall, Kendra and Sam! They are the most fun people to take pictures of too, so much life and love in their personalities. And as if it didn't get any better.... it really does. I had the honor to take Brandon and Britleigh's bridal pictures! They are still newly weds and wanted something different for their wall! Britleigh walked around in her wedding dress at the fair like it was no big deal. Her and Brandon got so much attention and congratulations, whistles, AND some many people asked to have their picture taken with them as well! People who had no idea who they were wanted their pictures taken with the couple in their wedding attire!

Needless to say both sessions were full of fun and love!!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1726.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1721.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1722.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1728.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1727.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1723.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1725.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1724.jpg Atlanta Wedding Photographer_1729.jpg

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