May The Fourth Be With you!

Happy May Fourth everyone! It is a happy day for all the Star Wars fans out there!


We decided to use our force to help a little Princess Leia!


Her mom and Dad do their best to spread awareness of the special gifts that Zoe was blessed with to help educate others and we want to help!

About Zoe: A Note From Mom- 

Have you ever been faced with something so difficult that you just didn't know if you embodied the strength to get through it? If you are like most people today you most certainly have whether its the loss of a loved one or the fear of job loss or that crazed debt collector that you had show up at your church one day. I want to introduce you to a new kind of pain and angst, the fear tthat you truly aren't good enough for your child or in my case children. You see, I am just 24 years old and have already lived through so much in my 2 1/2 decades that others don't in their entire lives; abuse and psychiatric care to overcome that abuse before I ever reached kindergarten, divorce and joining the military and then almost dying during childbirth and my greatest wish for them to save my baby almost not coming true. I don't know how you came across this blog entry but you did and I hope you are still with me because its about to get bumpy. Do you have your tissues? Walk with me for a moment. Imagine... a beautiful baby placed in your arms and she is the most angelic sight you have ever seen. Oh no! She is being ripped from your arms and tossed into a world filled with aliens. You scream for her to be brought back to Earth, where everything is normal. Normal- a 6 letter word that means absoulutely nothing to me. What is normal? I digress. She is given back to you and something is terribly wrong but no one will listen to you. She doesn't eat or look at you. She doesn't smile or coo. Something just isn't right but all along the doctors just ask you to be patient for she will come around. Perfection takes time to grow they say in an almost condescending way. You watch her life fall apart before your very eyes and then one day you get a call. They want to do testing because your fears are finally recognized. This is our story. My 3 year old is this baby with so many obstacles. That phone call is what set us on our never ending journey for answers. Zoe wàs diagnosed with autism when she was 23 months old but all along I knew it. Do you know how crazy it sounds to tell someone that you think your 6 month old child is autistic? CRAZY, thats how it sounds. I am very familiar with autism but the more I watched my child develop the more I wondered was is this it. Is there something more? There's gotta be. Then she developed seizures Every single time she closed her eyes she would shake. Every time, without fail. Eventually she stopped sleeping. Nights were no longer about prayers and good night stories, they were filled with medicines and screams. She would beat herself with her toys until we took them away and then she would beat herself with her hands until we gave up. There was nothing we could do. That angelic pure soul was no more. She had been infested with a hatred that Lifetime Movie Network couldn't even describe. She was given genetic testing and after many tubes of blood we had our answer. Smith Magenis Syndrome. Confused right? Of course you are. Less than 60 people in the entire world have the form of this that she has. It causes extreme intellectual disability (the average IQ is 100 with mine being about 146, hers is 45 and always will be), organ malformations and extreme behavioral outbursts that mimic psychosis. She barely talks, won't eat anything that isn't a chicken nugget (say what, a  kid that doesn't like cookies?) and doesn't sleep. She has taken every adult sedative on the planet in the maximum doses before she turned 3 and they don't work. Looking at her you wouldn't guess that this beautiful child experiences these things but she does. I have made it my lifes mission to spread awareness and knowledge. She has been ridiculed by kids and adults and I believe that awareness is the key to acceptance.

How are we helping? Well, we are selling prints and giving away an unopened Stormtrooper helmet! All profits from purchased prints will go to helping spread awareness of Zoe's Smith Magenis Syndrome. After meeting Zoe myself and photographing her, I have learned that she is a beautiful child. Zoe is a happy child who just wants to run around the world. She was definitely a challenge to photograph being she doesn't stay still for very long, however being awesome, I managed to capture her beautiful smile! We decided to use our force to help Zoe and her family educate and to spread awareness of Smith Magenis Syndrome! Help us by using your force too!


How it works:

We are selling three different print sizes. Each print size counts for a certain amount of points. If you purchase more than one print, points add up! Each point counts for an entry. Prints will be on sale until May 18th at 11:59 pm. Once all orders are in we will tally up all points and make them entries, then draw a random winner for the unopened Stormtrooper helmet! We can ship the helmet too, only in USA! We will also include the presented image at the top of the page with your helmet!

Here is the point system:

5x7- 1 point ($15)

8x10 -2 points ($25)

8x12 -2 points ($25)

11x14 -3 points ($35)

This will be fun, and the images are beautiful! How could you not want at least one print and a chance to win the Stormtrooper helmet?

Here is where you can order you prints:

starwars_0093 starwars_0094 starwars_0095 starwars_0096 starwars_0097 starwars_0098

Thanks for helping us use the force to help Zoe and her family educate the world about her special gifts!